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Triumph Motorbike custom seats

Listed below are examples of our custom Triumph Motorbike seats. Click on more info for larger images and details, or to place an order.

Triumph is one of the top British motorcycle manufacturers in the world today. The company produces thousands of motorcycles every year, and at least half a dozen new models every five years. Triumph though may not be the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, but they certainly have a niche following of fans who love the marriage of old world design with the latest engineering. It is also the motorcycle manufacturer of choice who want to get so much more out of their investment by customizing almost everything from the lights to the seats and even the handle bars. Triumph motorcycles are one of those few you can buy today and customize both aesthetically and mechanically in nearly unlimited ways. However, one of the first things for many people to customize are the seats and there are a number of reasons for this. Some see Triumph seats as being uncomfortable others don't find the seats good enough for long drives. Some may also want to change the seat's style to get that special look they want. Fortunately, at MetCruze, we specialize in manufacturing custom Triumph seats for almost every model out there.

How it all works?

We have made ordering custom tailored or customized Triumph seats extremely simple. However, we always urge clients to give us as many details and specifics about what they want so that we can design and build a seat that suits their needs perfectly. It is for this reason that we start with an initial discussion of what they want. That said if you are not sure about the design, you may have other concerns that you want addressed like softer seats, a broader profile or perhaps seats that are waterproof. Regardless, the objective of the discussion is for us to understand your customization goal so that the seats can be customized accordingly. In most cases it does not take more than a few minutes to place an order and people can even email us design preferences and other details.

Always top quality

We believe in not just building great looking and functional seats to our client's specifications but in fact also work hard to ensure that they are of the highest quality. This often means investing in the very best quality materials that money can buy. Everything from the foam we use to the fabrics, and stitching is the best it can be. It is for this reason that we have no problem backing our customized Triumph seats with a satisfaction guarantee. Plus using the highest quality materials also mean that these seats are much more durable, at times more durable than their original counterparts. So, your investment is always protected when we build your customized Triumph Seats.

If you are looking for cost effective and high quality customized seats by a team of expert craftsmen then look no further than us. Call us at +61 (02) 68823284 to discuss what you need or send an email to and we will be more than glad to help you.

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